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Test Equipment

The core competency of TEST-STEP lies in the field of building tooling and testing equipment. We are specialised in building adapters for ICT and FCT / PXI testing. Each individual component of our test equipment is a high-quality product. Excellent workmanship and highest precision (ensured by ultra-precise CNC machines) are offered to meet the most stringent demands.

Our test equipment is manufactured according to ISO 9001.

Base Units

In addition to “standard adapters” TEST–STEP also offers base units.
The VAM series is vacuum-driven, whereas the redline- and PC-series are equipped with compressed-air and manual drive systems. All these devices are unparalleled in terms of versatility.

Tester-specific Test Equipment

TEST-STEP offers technologically mature adapter systems for all common types of testers and test interfaces.

Special Test Equipment

You name your adaptation problem – we provide the solution. If no standard adapters can be used for your specific application, we will design and manufacture customised test equipment – according to your requirement specifications and in direct consultation with you.



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