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Test Equipment

TEST - STEP offers test equipment for all common types of test systems. We manufacture according to your documents, or we design and manufacture customised solutions according to your specific requirements.

Base Units

In addition to “standard adapters” TEST–STEP also offers base units / adapter frames. The VAM series is vacuum-driven, whereas the redline- and PC-series are equipped with compressed-air and manual drive systems.


Pneumatic Base Unit  - redline and PC 20 / PC 30

These adapter systems accommodate exchange cartridges and low-cost exchange plate adapters.

Vacuum Base Unit - VAM 30 / VAM 60

Just as our pneumatic adapter frame series, these vacuum-driven base units are also suitable for accommodating exchange cartridges and low-cost exchange plate adapters.

Which base unit is the right one for you depends on your testing strategy, the type and versatility of your products, and on the type of installation (vacuum or compressed air) used in your test lab.

We can help you to find the perfect solution.

Special Test Equipment

So far, we have only been talking about testing “assembled boards”. But of course, such components as switching elements for cars, car keys with radio-frequency and infrared sensors, membrane keyboards, cable harnesses, PCB frames and many other different objects, have to be tested as well. We design and manufacture your test equipment and, if required, also provide complete solutions including the Keithly or Lab View software.


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