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Automation Engineering

Our know-how and experience in the field of automation engineering allow you to get all your complex test fixtures and equipment from a single source.
We can offer handling systems - from x-y mechanics and inline systems, inline adapters, hoisting and magazining systems right through to robotic applications – together with the appropriate peripheral systems manufactured by us.
Keeping orientated by your own test strategy and the requirements of the tested product, we provide assistance during the preparation your requirements & performance specifications. 

Industrial Robots

Automation takes an ever increasing role in the field of production and lab and test engineering. Robots are used to set up additional work and test stations on existing production lines; they are ideally suited to perform adjustments or manipulations on PC boards and components; they are used for guiding cameras for optical evaluations, for actuating adapter keys or for handling test specimens.

Inline Systems

Automated testing technology requires a high degree of flexibility of the test equipment. Whether inline test adapters with a test system in a manufacturing line, or a “stand-alone” magazining system with printed circuit boards or workpiece carrier transfer – we can implement your inline station according to your specific needs.



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